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When I shared the evergreen-stars project by Martha Stewart link on our Facebook page, I received a call from my mother-in-law wanting to try this project and asked for my help.  On our shopping trip to Michael’s she decided to use the plastic silver boxwood sprigs in the season home decor section

3-4 hours
which includes prep time to gather tools, supplies and cutting the basswood strips. 

$30 – $35
*TIP:  Use coupons, most craft stores have weekly coupons!
Difficulty: Easy
Allow yourself time to enjoy this project.  I would suggest setting aside one day for the preparation of the star frame and another for gluing on the shrubs.
SOURCE> marthastewart.com

A great way to decorate on a budget!  Especially when you use natural evergreens as the original directions indicate.


  • Instruction Link: Click Here
  • A complete supply list is included in the tutorial on the above instructional link.
10 basswood strips (24 inches each) per 36-inch star
(to make 2 smaller 18-in stars cut each basswood strips into 4 6-inch strips.)

We could have used some small clamps.  We had to improvise and used chip bag clips and books to add weight while we were waiting for the glue to bond.
**Other suggested materials for decorating instead of the shrubbery: moss, pine cones or bells, the possibilities are endless.

The instructions were easy to understand.  In order to see the pictures on the Martha Stewart link, you need to use the arrow and scroll through the 4 pictures.  There you will find a picture of how the star is glued together.

IMPROVISE : We decided to use Gorilla Brand glue instead of wood glue because we wanted a more instant bond.  We had to wait at least 15 minutes between each joint section and should have waited longer.  The basswood is very pores and we did have to re-glue a couple of weak sections that popped apart.  When I do this project again I will look into a strong hot glue that would work on wood, or a quick bonding wood glue.http://www.gorillaglue.com/glues/glue-guide.aspx

  1. Pre-cut the wood strips.
  2. Plan to glue the star frame together at least 1 day ahead to allow for the glue to create a good bond and to allow for any repairs that may be needed before applying the greenery.


I would definitely do this project again.  I would like to use natural evergreens next time as well.  This may be a one time project that will need to be disposed of after the season is over because the natural products will become brittle and the basswood may break.  The instructions were easy to follow and the finished project looks very close to the original design.  The hardest part was clapping the joints and waiting for the glue to harden enough to move on.  These would be great decorations for a winter event, such as weddings, anniversary or holiday party.

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