Bench Redo

My mother-in-law purchased this bench from her long time neighbor and best friend at our neighborhood yard sale for $15.00. Take 2 rolls of 100 yards macramé cord for $25.00, fabric purchased at our local fabric store (on sale) for $45.00, add a daughter-in-law who loves to make old things look new again (priceless) and you have yourself a new bench that fits perfectly with your new outdoor living space!

The back was woven using two crochet hooks and blacksynthetic Macramé cord.


Wendy Renee Adams

Wendy Renne Adams is an arts & crafts freelancer, and this is her website. She loves life, family, friends, animals and crafts not necessarily always in that order.

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  1. Love it!! I love the fabric too!

  2. Pretty Darn Impressive! 🙂 I love the Color Too!

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