Birdhouses {Post I}

Birds of a feather flock togetherHand painted birdhouse with antique base stand.
Nothing welcomes the arrival of spring like the chirping of birds and
their newly hatched chicks. A great way to bring that special sight into your house is to decorate your yard and garden with a birdhouse and provide a habitat for birds from season to season. 
I have probably painted half dozen birdhouses, each time I start out with a design concept in mind.  As the process continues to blossoms, I am always amazed how they end up taking on a life of their own.  Even though these colorful homes are considered garden art I hope that someday a fine feathered friend might find its way to call it home.

Usually my painting projects are gifts for family and friends.  Each one is a hand painted creation. 

If you would like a special hand crafted birdhouse, email me at:

Wendy Renee Adams

Wendy Renne Adams is an arts & crafts freelancer, and this is her website. She loves life, family, friends, animals and crafts not necessarily always in that order.

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