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Recently I inherited a larger computer desk.  I will share more about that project another time.  I was using a small fabricated desk that I think we originally bought for the computer our kids used when they were in high school.  They are both in their 20’s now, so I am guessing that the desk is about 10-15 years old.  I had already repainted it once before to go with my Mary Engelbreit inspired kitchen decor.  Needless to say I was all set to finally throw the darn thing out.

What I really loved about this cart was the size and depth of the drawers.  After realizing that the one base cart alone was $119.00 I started thinking how can I recreate this look without spending a fortune.  The result to follow is a pictorial of my re-purposed computer desk, a.k.a. Creative Craft Caddy that cost me under $80.00.
 Supply List:
  • Computer Desk:  Free re-purposed.  Look around at yard sales, Goodwill, etc.
  • OSH Brand Spray Paint:  3-4 cans @ $2.99 each.
  • Wood Dowels, Stencils, Craft Paint & Spray Adhesive:  I used what I had on hand from a previous project.  Both stencils and paint range in price depending on the size.  I usually buy most of my supplies at Michaels Craft Store and almost always use a coupon.
  • Craft Carts:  The carts that are stored in the bottom of the caddy.  One I bought at Joann Fabrics on SALE for $49.99 and the other is our old Nintendo cart, re-purposed of course.
Be sure to check out my tips on how I clean and store my stencils at the bottom of the pictorial.
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Sanded & Ready for Paint

I wash my stencils in a mild soap and water solution.  I also started adding a cap full of liquid TSP to the water.  I use this product to clean my paint brushes too.  This helps remove some of the sticky adhesive spray residue.  I started layering the stencils between wax paper to store them so that they lay flat and will not stick to each other in storage.

Do you have any “tips” for using stencils?
I would love to here them, please share!

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