Darn Jeans

March 26, 2013 Wendy Renee Adams 2 comments
The very popular Miss Me Jeans and other fashion jeans are so cute, fit well and can easily become your favorite jeans.  Like all good things, jeans have a tendency to wear thin after time.  I was asked by a client if I could repair a couple of her daughter’s pants as she wanted to extent the life of the jeans.  That was over a year ago and she recently brought me 5 more pair and is now referring other.  As with all projects patience is required.  It take a while to work the pattern stitch back and forth.  Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy working on these projects.
I use a waffle or honeycomb stitch and it take a little time going over the area repeatedly.  You also have to be careful because it can be hard on your machine.  Make sure you use a good needle that is made for sewing on jean material.
I found this instructional video to be very helpful and informative.

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2 Comments on “Darn Jeans

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