Happy Birthday MeMe!

mwc-02Melina Whitney Campbell is my beautiful and talented niece.  She is a former member of the Sacramento State Rowing Team.  She is a photographer, writer and skilled Barista.  Melina also plays the piano and her Aunt Pooh (me) thinks she has a beautiful singing voice.  She is an animal lover and one creative gal who loves Betty Boop and Vintage Pin-up Girls.  Melina enjoys life and lives it to the fullest.  She is starting a new chapter and venturing out on her own. Woot! Woot!mwc-01

Very seldom does Melina ask me for anything.  Last week I received a text message from her almost instantly when she saw that I had a Facebook post advertising this crocheted Americana AfghanHand Crocheted American Flag for another relative’s yard sale.  At that moment I knew I was on a mission to wheel & deal.

Happy Birthday
Melina (MeMe)!
Love Aunt Pooh XOXO


Hand Crocheted American Flag
Hand Crocheted Afghan made by a very talented lady named, Lil’. She was a skilled craft artist. She took pride in her fine detailed work. She loved to needlepoint and applique quilts.

Hand Crocheted American Flag

  • Appliquéd Stars: Have been machine finished with a zig-zag stitch before attaching to the afghan. They were then hand sewn to the blanket with very small delicate stitches.
  • Fringe: Each strand of the golden brown yarn was cut to a specific length and hand applied with a hook around 3 sides of the afghan to complete the finished look.
  • Finished Edge:  The one side of the afghan has been double finished with a white single crochet edge to give it the appearance of an authentic flag.
Hand Crocheted American Flag
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The afghan is done entirely with a single crochet stitch.  It was made and owned by one person.  I estimate that it is between 15 and 20 years old.  I also think it was a show piece and has not been used on a daily basis.  It is in “Like New” condition.  I am so thrilled that Melina sent me the text that day.  She is now the proud owner of an heirloom afghan.  It might look really cool on the back of the jean couch she is taking off her mother’s hands.

Wendy Renee Adams

Wendy Renne Adams is an arts & crafts freelancer, and this is her website. She loves life, family, friends, animals and crafts not necessarily always in that order.

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