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organize thread by gradient color scheme

It was such an honor to inherit Aunt Pauline’s thread organizer.  The spool holder was hand crafted by her husband Carl.  He is an extremely talented wood crafting artisan.  When it came time to organize the spools of thread I was in a quandary.  All my Google searches would lead me to either organizing caddies or embroidery thread info.  What I was looking for was a simple picture to inspire me.  Following my “Technology Roots” I decided  to look at the font color charts and work with the colors of the rainbow.  I wanted to keep it simple.  Most of the color wheels were too complex.

I liked the idea of gradients using  LIGHT to DARK

organize thread by gradient color scheme

I knew I would go from white to black, but then what?  So I based the rest of my color scheme on this simple color wheel.

organize thread by gradient color scheme
organize thread by gradient color scheme

I am “Sew Happy” with the results.  I hope that you will find this blog post helpful if you are looking to organize your sewing threads by color.

This blog is dedicated to:  Pauline Wassmouth

She was an excellent seamstress!  She enjoyed sewing, knitting, crocheting and her cross-stitch work was simply amazing.  She was taken from her family and friends way to early and we miss her greatly.

Wendy Renee Adams

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