Milk Can Makeover

I was asked to paint a design on the milk can pictured here along mc-slideshow-04with a small metal gas can that had the same faux stone finish.  The cans and outer surface were in good condition.  They do have a few dents and dings, which adds to their charm.

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The only criteria I was given was that my client wanted to incorporate quilts on a clothesline in the design, as she is an avid quilter, who loves to applique and enjoys cross-stitch and embroidery.  I took to the Internet for my inspiration and I this is what I came up with.
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I Would love to know what you think!

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Wendy Renee Adams

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  1. Lovely work, love the quilts on the clothesline. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi!!! I love love the milkcan!!!! The gas can is adorable too!!!! So pretty and springy!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. I love this milkcan! It brings back memories of me and my best friend doing things like this in the 80’s!

    and thank you so much for the great shout out for the linky party!

    1. Therica, Thanks for leaving a comment! I look forward to linking up again.
      Until next time 🙂

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