My Sister… "Rori, Rori, wait for me!"

Welcome to my a new series, My Sister…  My sister has been in my life F O R E V E R, literally 🙂

Her name is Lori and she is older then I am by 2 years and 10 months but who is counting, right?  One of my mother’s favorite stories about me is that I would always follow my big sister around saying, “Rori, Rori wait for me!”  I think Rori Lori would sometimes go faster in hopes I might not catch up with her.  She is my best friend, sometimes she acts like my mother and that’s okay, she is my sister!

Our mother loved to sew.  She was crafty and now you know where I get it.  She loved to cook and bake.  She was our version of Martha Stewart.  Our mother’s name is Marjorie Jean.  Some affectionately called her Jeanie.  I am pretty sure mom may have thought my sister and I were twins because in nearly every photograph we are decorated alike.  In celebration of Easter I present to you…

The Tonkin Sisters ~ Easter Montage!

My Sister
Circa 1964

Yes I am the one with the Kitty Kat clock eyes trying to see what my sister is going to do and of course she is the one looking poised as if she NEVER does anything wrong.  LOL!  Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you, she is sneaky that one is!

My Sister
Circa Easter 1967
My Sister
Circa 1967  Not Easter but you get the idea
My Sister
It must have been a casual Easter this year and Lori is excited because she has more eggs in her basket than me 🙁

I love everything about this picture.  It’s a little blurry, the trash cans in the background, the car, the driveway but most of all I LOVE that my mom’s shadow is in the picture.  That is something I would totally do.

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