Painting Potpourri {Post I}

I am ALL about sharing, “My Painting  [poh-poo-ree]”.

The Planter is based on the Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke method.  I took one class at Michaels.  The class provided me with enough information to know that I could paint and with enough practice anything is possible.  I walked out of the class thinking that this was going to be like learning handwriting or calligraphy, you have to practice, practice, practice!  The dragonfly tile I found at a thrift store.  It is a Plaster of Paris casting.  I used Soft Chalk Pastels on this project.  I just kept blending and blending and blending.

I Picked up the rooster at a local ceramic store had been fired once in the kiln and was in bisque form.  I wasn’t interested in firing the rooster in the kiln a second time just to have a shinny glaze finish.  I used acrylic paints and then sprayed several coats of a clear acrylic finish.  I knew I wanted a bright festive rooster.  Do you think I achieved my goal?  At first I thought I was going to put him in the garden somewhere.  He just hasn’t made it outside.  Currently he brightens up my work room.  He also makes a great table centerpiece for many different occasions.

The Pumpkins were painted on green ware.  That means basically they were still clay.  Once painted they are fired in the kiln.  I love the textured paint.  It created speckles to an otherwise matte finish.  I am sorry that I cannot provide you with the brand of paint that was used to achieve this affect, I made these over 15 years ago. (brain fade ;-})
Question What prompted  you to do a Painting Potpourri Post?
Answer:  It’s like I have this compelling need to get all of my past work posted before I can feel caught up and move on to other projects..  I have been busy updating my business website.  I have been editing and organizing my picture files and project portfolio.  What a daunting task.  One that most crafters would rather not do! 
Would you like to see more Potpourri & Montages in the future?
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