Patio Chair Cushion Covers

Patio Chair Cushion Covers

My sister-in-law wanted to do something with her weathered patio chair cushions.  After shopping around she discovered that the chair cushions were not standard size and to special order them they would cost her first born child.
Take 8 yards of Home Decor Fabric which  cost approximately $100.00 (on sale) add another sister-in-law (me) who loves to make old things look new again (priceless) and you have yourself a new look that fits perfectly with your outdoor living space!
“I want something that slips on, no ties, simple yet elegant more Martha Stewart than Better Homes & Gardens.”

Wendy Renee Adams

Wendy Renne Adams is an arts & crafts freelancer, and this is her website. She loves life, family, friends, animals and crafts not necessarily always in that order.

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