Pumpkins and Succulents

Pumpkins and Succulents

Pumpkins and Succulents

Not too shabby for my first time…


I love the pumpkin and succulent arrangements that start to show up in all the social media feeds this time of year.  My pumpkin story started when I found this beauty at my local grocery store, Farmers Market Place – Sentry2016_10_07

I bought a succulent arrangement for $17. I know the price seems a bit high. I figured by the time I bought several small individual plants, which is what Home Depot had to offer this was more cost efficient and I was able to get two separate arrangements out of the deal. I used the smallest plants out of the grouping. I was happy with the selection. TIP: Next time I will go to a local nursery and buy a flat of small plants.


I wanted to use a doily that I picked up at Trends Vintage Marketplace & Co. a local vintage home & garden store. I cut egg cartons and hot glued them together to add support, and I wanted to be able to remove the arrangement to plant later and hopefully reuse the crochet doily. TIP: Next time I will use the fibrous plantable pots and cut them down.

2016_10_10I am ending the post with a pictorial storyboard. I have included links below to a couple of websites that inspired me with this pumpkin, succulent project.

Psst! If you are wondering about the embellished painted pumpkins, Click Here


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Inspirational Links:



Let’s Talk! I welcome your comments and would love to see what great fall projects you have.

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