Romantic Heart Wreath

Romantic Heart Wreath
Romantic Valentine WreathWhen I came across the Crochet Flower Pattern & the Rose Heart Applique, I knew I would be making a few projects with these little gems.  Of course I had to put my own twist on things by using sparkling yarn and contrasting colors.

Allow at least 2 days.

Make up the flowers and hearts ahead of time.  If you are doing any blocking allow additional 24 hour drying time.


Depending on the supplies you may have on hand. 
DIY website Crochet Rose Pattern
Rose Heart Applique
Crochet Leaf Pattern 
Crafting and Cornbread
I had to take a break to have a piece of homemade cornbread.
Romantic Heart Wreath
Romantic Heart Wreath
For a simple crochet leaf pattern… Click Here

Romantic Heart Wreath
Romantic Heart WreathBlocking is what gives many projects a
polished appearance. The process shapes and sets the design and smooths the
stitches into place. Click Here to view some handy tips about

Romantic Heart Wreath 

No time to make them yourself?

You may purchase the flowers & Hearts in groups of 3 for $10.
The wreath is available for $25.00.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question,
or would like to request a special order.

Romantic Heart Wreath
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  1. Hi Wendy! So very pretty! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you Julie and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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