Ruffles Bows and Football

Ruffles, Bows & Football is definitely a winning combination for a tote and coordinating stadium blanket!  In my previous post I shared the quilt I made for one of our local high school fundraisers.  I decided I would whip together a tote bag to store and carry the blanket.
I have been inspired by the Ruffled T-shirt Bags that have been floating around on the Pinterest boards.  At the end of the post I provide link(s) and a DIY site.  This bag is made from one extra large T-shirt.  I used fusible cloth fabric to reinforce the bag and create stability.  The pair received many compliments and brought in a sizable donation.  I am honored to help support our local athletes!

I cut out the neckline, sleeves and cut down both sides of the shirt to divide it into two pieces.  Then I ironed the cloth fusible interfacing to the back of each piece.  All Purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing provides crisp support for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets,
facings and other detail areas of a garment. It adds body and permanent
stability when used as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery.

I kept trimming the neckline until I was happy with the shape of the opening.  I used the material from the sleeves to extend the length of the handles.

Question:  What is a Gusset? 

Answer:  A
bracket strengthening an angle of a structure.  The gusset opens the
bag up beyond what simply attaching the front to the back would do.

I really do love gussets.
They are pretty easy to do and really open up the bag, tote or purse.

I am also obsessed with Scrappy Bows!

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I am going to rate this project and the Ruffle T-Shirt Bag DIY a 3 out of 5 dragonflies.  I love the project!  However, I believe it would be hard for a beginner.  Don’t let this discourage you if you want to give it a try.  Just know that it may take practice or you may go through a couple of t-shirts before you have a project you are happy with.  Practice on some old T-shirts before spending money on a more expensive shirt.  Don’ be afraid to Go for IT!
What else could I add ruffles and bows too?
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  1. Awesome auction item! Your talent is going to be called upon again and again!

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