A Simple Strategy For Completing Projects

A Simple Strategy For Completing Projects From Start to Finish
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How many project ideas do you have swirling around in your head right now? Or, how many projects have you started and are still waiting to finish? If you are like me, it is probably too many to count. If you are like me, then you know that sometimes it’s hard to jump in and get started. It can also be challenging to finish the project when something gets in the way. I have adopted an approach to getting stuff done and am working towards using this concept as a lifestyle change in hopes that it will soon become second nature to me. I am still a work in progress… It is time for me to get serious about my plans, to get one step closer to my goals and the finish line! Ready set go!! (1) Dream It (2) Plan It (3) Finish It


(1) Dream It, then write it down

I have no problem coming up with ideas for projects. However, it is a challenge for me to write these thoughts down to see the concepts to completion. One of my favorite things about Pinterest is the use of Pin Boards. That is a visual image that works for me. I stumbled upon an App called Trello. It is for both the smartphones and Chrome; they sync together. It operates on the concept of boards and cards. With this app, you can see your list, project ideas, and notes all at a glance. If computers aren’t your thing, then this might be a good time to buy a planner. Find what works best for you to stay organized and on task. Then the main idea is to be realistic about your time and commitment to the end project. Now as I am going through my boxes of craft items and unfinished projects, I ask myself these questions. ■ Is this something I want to make for myself, make it an item to sell or give as a gift? ■ How much time will it take to finish the project, and do I have that kind of time? ■ Is it cost effective? If I can answer these questions, then my next step is to create a Trello project card. If it does not get a card, then the item either goes in the trash or back to Goodwill.

Plan It at FinishyourCrafts.com

(2) Create a plan: this is the time to create a checklist

■ Timeline – Set a date for completing the project ■ Design – Have a vivid idea of the pattern or template ■ Supplies – List what you have or need to buy ■ Tools – List all tools required to finish the project

Plan It at FinishyourCrafts.com

(3) Finish It

■ Do it – procrastination will try and stop you ■ Stick with it – it will be ugly before it is pretty ■ Take a step back – when you get stuck, stop & take a break ■ Celebrate – take time out to admire your work ■ Share – your success and your failures, you learn from both

Do you have a successful project you are proud of and would like to share?
What have been some of your misses? I would love to hear your story!

cheers and best wishes

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