Stadium Blanket For EHS Fundraiser

Stadium Blanket For EHS Fundraiser

The 7th Annual EHS (Enterprise High School, Redding CA) Football Dinner Auction will be held this Saturday 4/27/2013.  I was asked by a good friend to make a stadium blanket for the event.  The EHS Hornets rock the Black & Gold for their school colors!  Nicole chose the fabrics to coordinate with the school colors and mascot.  She provided a description of the quilt pattern she liked.  This pattern is a version of a Nine Patch Quilt.  I hope it creates a real BUZzzzzz at the auction fundraiser!  Best Wishes for a success event!

Bee Themed Stadium Blanket Bee Themed Stadium Blanket

Bee Themed Stadium BlanketBee Themed Stadium Blanket

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To view additional pictures and details about the bee applique go to:


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