Sweet Sweater Pumpkin Pie

Sweater Pumpkins for Fall DecorI had so much fun making my first batch of rustic pumpkins that I just couldn’t resist when my girlfriend recommended this website and tutorial: http://hummadeedledee.blogspot.com/2011/09/new-sweet-sweater-pumpkin-tutorial.html.

Sweater Pumpkins for Fall Decor

My pumpkins turned out Shabby Chic, don’t ya think?  Another great idea for your FALL DECOR!


  • Instruction Link: Click Here
  • A complete supply list is included in the tutorial.
FABRICI used wool sweaters that I picked up at my neighborhood church rummage sale.  I will be using the body of the sweaters for another project.  One sweater also had buttons which I cut off and am saving for a raining day.  By the time I am done with the materials from two sweaters I will have made at least 3 different projects.
The instructions were easy to understand with very nice pictures.  I only had standard size rubber-bands so I used 2 at a time.  I used 4 on each pumpkin instead of using two wide rubber bands.  I also ended up using only 6 strands of twine instead of the 8 as instructed.  This is just a matter of personal choice.
IMPROVISE:  At first I only had white untreated twine (which is what I keep in the kitchen for cooking).  I wanted to dull it a little for the cinnamon colored pumpkins.   I decided to soak the cut twine in tea for a couple of hours.  The result was not quite what I was looking for so I soaked them again in coffee grounds and hot water.  That worked well enough.  For the next grouping I wanted to mix it up a little, I decided I would go to the local hardware store and there I purchased natural jute twine.
  1. I washed my sweaters in mild soap and let them line dry because they were 100% wool. 
  2. Construction: To purchase DIY directions: Click Here

NUTRITIONAL VALUE:  I give this project 5 out of 5 dragonflies.  A great group project especially if you plan to make a large batch.  I was able make 10 pumpkins from four sweater sleeves.  This is really a no sew project.  However, I did tack down the lace remnant around the stem.  The instructions were easy to follow and the finished project looks very close to the original design.

No time to make them yourself?   Email me at:  fyc@finishyourcrafts.com

The slideshow is of my pumpkins that my friend Lori featured in a blog post.  Please take time to visit her site!!!  http://marvinsdaughters.blogspot.com

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