Talented Teens Quilt

Talented Teen Quilts
First time out of the gate: Best of show class 5th place!

Introducing Alexis This future leader is 9 years old.  She has been in her local chapter 4-H Quilting Club for 3 years.  She is a hard worker, a good listener and takes pride in her work.  She has an eye for detail.  I am so proud of the progress she has made.  This year Alexis was able to sew independently.  It was so much fun working with her to get her T-shirt memory quilt ready for the Shasta District Fair 2013.  Alexis had a collection of T-shirts that she’d outgrown.  These shirts had a few things in common:  #Pink, #Horses, #Unicorns, #Flowers, #Western.  She chose to make a square patterned Rag Quilt.

First Place Woot! Woot!


The backside of the T-shirt Rag Quilt 2013

2011 was the first year Alexis started learning to sew. The large 9 patch was a perfect beginning quilt. She won the honor to show it at California State Fair and received 2nd place! The 2012 quilt also received awards at district fair. That quilt is a Rag Quilt done in strips instead of squares.

T-shirt material is stretchy and can easily become misshaped after cutting.  It is very important to use a stabilizer. Alexis used a double sided fusible backing, light to mid-weight.  She ironed the stabilizer on the t-shirts before cutting.  Then she removed the paper backing and ironed the square onto her backing material.  This made a nice clean flat back and no other quilting was needed to keep all the layers together.  Once all the prep work was done she was able to sew all the squares together and she was done!

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