Text-tacular! If I Were In Charge Of The World

When I saw the Craftster.org craft challenge for this month, Text-tacular!  Two projects came to mind, my first project was inspired by the song written by John Lennon, “Give Peace A Chance” and my current project, which is featured here:
My Inspiration:
“If I Could Be In Charge Of The World”
a poem written by my daughter, Ashley Adams
If I Could Change The World
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Recently I was going through my kid’s school papers and childhood keepsakes.  I was sorting, organizing, and eventually I got around to putting them away in the cedar chest.  I spent most of the day laughing, and crying a little at the fond memories.  Currently my son is 26 and my daughter is 23 and they both live 12 hours away from us.  I came across the poem my daughter had written when she was about 15, and I found myself reading it over and over because even though she wrote it 8 years ago, it describes the core of her fun loving spirit; a sweet happy-go-lucky girl.  Funny thing is, now she is a vegetarian that likes to read self help books and she really loves her brother more than anything in the world!
With supplies in hand my plan was to use a technique I am familiar with, découpage and apply a new technique of printing on tissue paper.  I loved working with the tissue paper and it was a fairly easy process.

Here are two links to instruction videos that helped me along the way!

1)  I definitely recommend using the suggested brands for the spray mount and clear coat.  They work very well.

2)  Make sure you spray a light coat of the Crystal Clear on the tissue paper after printing.  This sets the ink and will prevent smearing.  I also leave the copy paper attached to the tissue paper until I am ready to apply it.  It is easier to cut or tear to the size needed then I separate them just before applying the découpage medium.

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I was so glad to have an extra canvas on hand.  I just wasn’t sure how the colors, tissue, and scrap paper were going to look.  I made several adjustments along the way.

It is so important to have creative friends that will give you their input.  I would like to thank my good friends, Lori & Nicole for their creative expertise!
The Original

Wendy Renee Adams

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  1. My Dear Ashley,
    You would make a great president, and yes you have awesome ideas, they never cease to amaze me!

  2. Mommy I love your soooo Much. This project looks great! Cracks me up every time i read it too. Idk I think i should maybe run for president next election. I got some pretty good ideas 🙂

  3. I love it!!!!! Turned out great! :-} It reminds me of Crash!

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