The House That Max Built

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” ― Matsuo Basho

The sweet little house on Chico Street is where Grandma Eleanor could walk to church. You can hear the bells ring every Sunday morning reminding the neighborhood that they are welcome. The door was always open at the house that Max built, they knew no strangers. The aroma of a good home cooked meal was there to greet you. Card games were a staple just like the fried chicken at Easter. Pinochle players at the table, the San Francisco Giants game on the TV; and fish stories were bountiful… life was good! Their love stood the test of time and between the two; they made this street, this community, this house a home!

►Established in 1945 by Eleanor and Max Buhrle.
►Built by Max repurposing many of the materials he would get as a construction worker.
►Smallish, Brick & Morter, Single Dwelling.
►4.4 miles from Shasta Dam.
►Housed 8-10 family members at one time with only one bathroom.  There used to be an outhouse before the indoor plumbing.  Rumor has it that it was tipped a time or two with Max in it. “Those damn kids!”

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