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How To Make A WordPress Website 2016

All I can say is thank you, Tyler Moore!  I have tried many different websites and blog formats.  I started with Blogger and eventually made a move over to WordPress.  I wanted more control over my template designs.  Then I found Tyler Moore’s video on YouTube, How To Make a WordPress Website – 2016 This tutorial is very complete.  If you are interested in starting a blog or want to have more control over your web page design, then you should check out his videos. I would like to express that this is not a one-day project.  It helps if you have a desire to learn technology and commit to several hours (days) of work.  I am very pleased with the new look and direction of this website.  Thanks again Tyler for the inspiration!

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” ― Matsuo Basho



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Purple Pennywort


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Tree Top Animals


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Seasonal Fall Decor


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