The Vintage Wonder Loom Pattern

June 23, 2016 Wendy Renee Adams 2 comments
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Have you ever heard of the Family Circle Wonder Loom? Some may have the template stashed away in a craft draw and had no idea what to do with it or its' history. This post includes my story with the wonder loom and the tools to help you successfully finish an heirloom project. The Wonder Loom is a "Sensational Mini-Loom" Fun! Easy! New!" as published in Family Circle magazine April 7, 1981. In reality, it is a cardstock template. The article showcased multiple ideas with patterns including, a snazzy cap and scarf, a dog coat of many colors, an Afghan, potholders and more!


I was 20 when I purchased the magazine. It wasn't until 1989 that I decided to try my hand at making the Wonder Loom Baby Blanket pattern for my newborn niece Melina Whitney, who will turn 27 in August 2016. This blanket became one of her favorite blankies and is an heirloom to be passed down to her future children. MeMe loved that soft afghan so much that the crochet chain stitching started to come apart. I brought it home with me and ripped out the original crochet border and chain stitches. Then I crocheted the squares back together again. After completing that I crocheted a new outside edge giving the blanket an updated look by using Fur Fur Yarn by Lion Brand. Over the years I kept my cardboard templates that I created from the original loom pattern. I also saved one cardboard with yarn weaved on it so that I could remember what I had done. But of course, over time I had misplaced the magazine itself.


Fast forward to 2016. When I received the news that I was going to be a "Nana." I knew that I had to make this grandbaby an heirloom blanky. I pulled out the cardboard templates, and through foggy cobwebbed memories, I began to create my version of the mini wonder loom baby blanket with accessories of course! I created my version of the heirloom pattern, and the results are stunning.


Now for rest of the story. My sister and I have had many conversations over the years as to that issue of the Family Circle magazine; the front cover etched in our minds. Convinced that one of us has it hidden in a lost box of treasures stashed in the dark corners of our garage. We were having yet another conversation about the missing magazine, and I was adamant that I have Googled the loom/pattern and was certain that it was impossible to find on the internet! A short time later I received a text message from the search Guru herself a.k.a., my sister..."I think I found it!" With those five words I was on Amazon ordering the April 7, 1981, issue of Family Circle that featured BOUND INSIDE:






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2 Comments on “The Vintage Wonder Loom Pattern

  1. You must have purchased the last copy of the April 7, 1981 issue of the Family Circle magazine! I have the cardboard loom, but not the instructions. Would you scan or take a picture of the instructions and email to me? I finally have time in my life to do projects like this and would like to make something with my grandchildren.

    1. Hi Sonda, Thank you for your inquiry. I have been working on this post for the loom. I am hoping to include a downloadable PDF file soon. I will keep you updated.

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