What’s Buzzing?

What’s Buzzing?

Hello World,

23 days until my son’s wedding!  I am busy planning, packing, finishing last minute details and am still finding time to finish a couple other projects.  After talking to my daughter the other day, it sounds like I might be making a few last minute alterations on her bridesmaid dress.  So not only are we bringing my husband’s golf clubs to San Diego it looks like I will also bring the sewing machine and kit in tow.  We are renting an economy car.  However, I feel like I should have upgraded to an SUV.  One of my BFF’s, Nicole loves to dream up projects and then have me create them for her.  She has a great eye for color and fabric choices (one of the many reasons I love her!)  I am almost done creating a quilt for a local high school fundraising event.  I can’t wait to share the project in a future blog post!


Until next time… Keep on crafting!


Wendy Renee Adams

Wendy Renne Adams is an arts & crafts freelancer, and this is her website. She loves life, family, friends, animals and crafts not necessarily always in that order.

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