Meet Mikki

Meet Mikki

Mikaela is very dear to my heart.  She is a talented young lady!  Mikki has been a student of mine since 2010.  She just turned 13 and has been sewing for me for 3 years.  Her schedule is full with basketball, volleyball, throwing the discus and shot put.  She is an active member of 4-H Club and has been winning medals showing lambs.  In her spare time, she started a charity drive in her community called Koats for Kids, taking old unwanted coats, jackets, and sweatshirts and giving them to those in need!  I will be showcasing her projects from time to time.

Below is the quilt she made in 2012 to enter in the Shasta County Fair.  She took top honors of Best in Show for her category.  She had many entries and received numerous awards.  I am so proud of her and know this is just the beginning of her accomplishments!  ~Happy Birthday Mikki

Western Apron
Mikaela is modeling the burlap apron she made.
Western Quilt
Best in Show Winner







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